Journal Description


Introduction of Linguistics,Literature & Teaching(LLT)

InternationalJournal of Linguistics, Literature & Teaching(NALLTS) focuseson Linguistics, Literature & Teaching. Its aim is to furtherstrengthen education and teaching creativity and academicexchanges at home and abroad. It also hopes to provide more chances forscholars to put forward new teaching concepts and ideas, contribute new ideasand new achievements to the academic field.

The journalis open to collect academic papers all around the world. The journal onlycollects essays written in English on the fields of linguistics, literature,teaching, translation, etc. The ISSN Code of the journal is2995-7656, and this journal is published by New Vision Press. Thejournal will be indexed by China National Knowledge Network (CNKI) andChaoxing Journals. The journal is planning to CPCI-SSH (Index ofProceedings of International Conferences in the Social and Human Sciences) andScopus databases. We hope our journal can be indexed into their databasesoon.

Essays may explore the following genres andtopics, although this list is not exhaustive:

Researchon Literature and cultural issues

Researchof Frontier Issues on Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Research onthe Theories and Systems of Foreign Language Teachingwith Chinese Characteristics

Researchon Intercultural Communication and Translation &Teaching

Researchon Collaborative Innovation of Foreign Language Teaching

Researchon Foreign Language Education Reform and Teacher Development   

Paper Review and Proofreading

After the paper is submitted, the Organizingcommittee will conduct the preliminary review. After passing the preliminaryexamination, the payment notice will be sent. After payment, the papers are reviewedby a panel of experts. Experts and authors will interact to modify, edit, andunify the style. The papers that pass the final examination will be publishedin the journal.