Aims and Scope



InternationalJournal of Linguistics, Literature & Teaching(LLT) is an internationalperiodical. And It focuses on Linguistics, Literature & Teaching. LLThopes to help professors, experts, teachers and students to offer anopportunity to submit articles and publish their research results. Its aim isto further strengthen education and teaching creativity and academicexchanges all over the world. It also hopes to provide more chances forscholars to put forward new teaching concepts and ideas, contribute new ideasand new achievements to the academic field.


Essays may explore the following genres and topics, although this listis not exhaustive:

Research on Literature andcultural issues

Research of Frontier Issues onLinguistics

Research of Frontier Issue on AppliedLinguistics

Research on the Theoriesand Systems of Foreign Language Teaching withChinese Characteristics

Research on Translation Research

Research on Intercultural Communicationand Translation & Teaching

Research on Collaborative Innovation ofForeign Language Teaching

Research onForeign Language Education Reform

Researchon Teacher Development